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Kids and Youth Sleepaway Camps

Progressive and Christian

Our children and youth programs have a long history of of progressive Christianity in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ. The Refuge camps and retreats create a safe, brave space where youth can ask questions, explore their faith, and connect more deeply to themselves, each other, the earth, and the Holy- whatever that means to them. 

We do not teach campers what to believe. We help them to believe in themselves. 

The three theological pillars of our children and youth programming are...

  1. Every human being is inherently loved and valuable just as they truly are. Our trained counselors go out of their way to create a space where everyone is seen, known, loved, and celebrated for their most authentic self. Many campers express that they can be themselves at camp in a way they cannot be anywhere else.

  2. Each individual has the right and responsibility to decide what they believe for themselves. No authority (including a church "authority") can or should tell someone what to believe. Instead, we explore and grow together in open, curious, and supportive community.

  3. We are all connected. The whole of humanity and the whole living system of the earth is interdependant. We need one another to be free and well in order to be free and well ourselves. We treat all elements of creation as valuable and worthy of care, including each person equally. This is foundational for creation care, social justice, community, and more.

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