Educational & Spiritual Events

Welcome to the events page for La Foret! Here you will find all of our adult programs. Scroll down to see all the events listed by date. Click on the name of the event to register.


30 Minute Sanctuary

These 30 minute sanctuary sessions will be offered at 6pm, every 2nd and 4th Monday in October, November, and December, and will feature contemplatives from around the Rocky Mountain Conference, UCC. Don't miss this easy opportunity to care for your soul.


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Contemplating with Covid: Steps of Light in Chaotic Times

The Mindfulness Contemplative Group offers steps to focus on illumination that lives within so that the chaos or darkness that lives outside is seen through both the wisdom of Twelve Step Programs and the practice of Mindful Meditation.

The series will be offered the 1st and 3rd Mondays, October through December at 7:00-8:15 pm Mountain Time. The presenters—Catie Ballard, Ron Frost, and Sally Palmer bring a variety of paths to focus on the gifts of contemplation in the midst of realities. In short, “Covid is not all there is.”


Next Class TBA, ONLINE

Rev. Clare Twomey and Rev. Kris Watson are offering another shortened, online SC2ER course. This teaching team is leading similar cohorts all over the USA, including two very successful cohorts here in the RMC. We are lucky to have them offering a condensed program at a discounted rate for the Rocky Mountain Conference, ($200 per person, including continuing ed credits for clergy). This study begins with a 2 day intensive, with follow up meetings every other week for a period of 3 months. Follow up meeting times/dates will be determined by the group. All meetings are via Zoom.


What are participants saying about SC2ER?


“I strongly recommend this program! It is great to have a supportive forum in which to process the racist problems we see in the news and all around us. And there are many opportunities in Sacred Conversations to learn previously buried truths about our US history and how things came to be the way they are now!”


“Doing this work in a group of supportive peers makes all the difference. Rather than feeling alone and overwhelmed, I feel energized and even hopeful. Clare and Kris are amazing facilitators who really get to the heart work of anti-racist learning and activism. They aren’t just teachers, they’re chaplains on the journey.”


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Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith (OWL) facilitator training prepares people to implement one of the most highly regarded comprehensive sexuality education programs in the country! SPECIFICS: All age group trainings will be offered: Elementary (for the K-1 + 4-6 grade levels), Secondary (for the 7-9 + 10-12 grade levels), and Adult (young adults, adults, and older adults). These will run concurrently, so it will only be possible to get trained in one level. Cost is $330 for those who stay on-site or $170 for commuters. A few partial scholarships for UCC participants are available upon request. Contact Candace Woods, Sexuality Education Organizer,

School of Celtic Consciousness


In 2016 John Philip Newell founded the School of Celtic Consciousness (SCC). He did so in the belief that Celtic wisdom is needed at this moment in time, urgently. It is a spiritual tradition in the Christian household that can nurture vision of mind, strength of soul, and compassion of action. La Foret is pleased to welcome the SCC to La Foret this year. Cost is from $320, onsite and commuter options will be available.