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Spiritual EvEnts

• A Safe Place for Meaningful Transformation •

Welcome to your home base for adult learning and growth! We know that opportunities to re-tune your spirit and find Sanctuary can bring healing and wholeness to your life. We can help.

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Wholeness & Wellness Weekend

April 22-24, 2022

Refresh your spirit with time to connect to nature, your body, and your deep self. Storytelling, yoga, mindfulness, hiking, nutrition, creative expression, connection to nature, and even massage will all be options in this retreat designed for your refreshment and re-centering. 


Open to everyone; this is an intentionally diverse, spirit-centered event, and we aim to engage people of every background and path. Wholeness & Wellness Weekend will engage a de-colonizing potluck approach, meaning that the experience is richer when everyone has something to bring.

Schedule Coming Soon

Hosts & Offerings Coming Soon

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The School of Earth and Soul

May 6th-8th, 2022

John Philip Newell founded the School of Earth and Soul. He did so in the belief that Celtic wisdom is needed at this moment in time, urgently. It is a spiritual tradition in the Christian household that can nurture vision of mind, strength of soul, and compassion of action. La Foret is pleased to welcome the John Philip Newell for this retreat! Onsite and commuter options will be available.

See info about The School of Earth and Soul Here


Contemplative Camp (Adult)

July 18th-24th, 2021

At Contemplative Camp, we begin and end the day in silence, a celebration of the Mystery beyond. Leaders are Ron Frost and Rev. Sal Palmer.


OWL Facilitator Training


Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith (OWL) facilitator training prepares people to implement one of the most highly regarded comprehensive sexuality education programs in the country! SPECIFICS: All age group trainings will be offered: Elementary (for the K-1 + 4-6 grade levels), Secondary (for the 7-9 + 10-12 grade levels), and Adult (young adults, adults, and older adults). These will run concurrently, so it will only be possible to get trained in one level. Cost is $330 for those who stay on-site or $170 for commuters. A few partial scholarships for UCC participants are available upon request. Contact Candace Woods, Sexuality Education Organizer,