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Spiritual EvEnts

• A Safe Place for Meaningful Transformation •

Welcome to your home base for adult learning and growth! We know that opportunities to re-tune your spirit and find Sanctuary can bring healing and wholeness to your life. We can help.


Yearning for Home:

The Cry of the Earth

May 8, 2021

An online event from our partner! Exploring, one at a time, the yearnings that have led countless numbers of people into an experience of exile from the religious tradition of their inheritance, whether in literally leaving church or in looking well beyond its bounds for vision and nourishment. Episode 2 will explore the longing for a spirituality that deeply reconnects us to the sacredness of the earth as home in the belief that paying faithful attention to our yearnings will lead to new beginnings.

All those who register for ‘Yearning for Home: The Cry of the Earth’ will be sent a recording of the introductory Episode 1 as well as a link to the live session for Episode 2 on May 8th 2021. This livestream event is a collaboration of Earth & Soul (

30 Minute Sanctuaries

Every other Monday

30 Minute Sanctuaries, every other Monday starting April 12 at 6pm. Step away from the noise and enjoy a structured time of short reflections and intentional silence. Featuring Rev. Karen Winkel, Rev. Roger Butts, Rev. Logan Bennett, Rev. Erin Gilmore, Rev. Sue Artt, and Spiritual Director, Robin Stretch-Crocker.

Contemplative Camp (Adult)

July 18th-24th, 2021

At Contemplative Camp, we begin and end the day in silence, a celebration of the Mystery beyond. Leaders are Ron Frost and Rev. Sal Palmer.


OWL Facilitator Training


Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith (OWL) facilitator training prepares people to implement one of the most highly regarded comprehensive sexuality education programs in the country! SPECIFICS: All age group trainings will be offered: Elementary (for the K-1 + 4-6 grade levels), Secondary (for the 7-9 + 10-12 grade levels), and Adult (young adults, adults, and older adults). These will run concurrently, so it will only be possible to get trained in one level. Cost is $330 for those who stay on-site or $170 for commuters. A few partial scholarships for UCC participants are available upon request. Contact Candace Woods, Sexuality Education Organizer,

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The School of Earth and Soul

May 6th-8th, 2022

John Philip Newell founded the School of Earth and Soul. He did so in the belief that Celtic wisdom is needed at this moment in time, urgently. It is a spiritual tradition in the Christian household that can nurture vision of mind, strength of soul, and compassion of action. La Foret is pleased to welcome the John Philip Newell for this retreat! Onsite and commuter options will be available.