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Spiritual EvEnts

• A Safe Place for Meaningful Transformation •

Welcome to your home base for adult learning and growth! We know that opportunities to re-tune your spirit and find Sanctuary can bring healing and wholeness to your life. We can help.


Sept 29-Oct 1, 2023

"The future is dark. Is this the darkness of the tomb—or the darkness of the womb?"

A global pioneer and visionary, Valarie Kaur reframes the present moment in history as one of transition and believes each of us has role in the labor of birthing a new future. Her message has inspired millions of people around the world and ignited a movement to reclaim love as a force for justice. In this special workshop, Valarie will draw forth our deepest wisdom to explore how Revolutionary Love can transform our lives — love for others, our opponents, and ourselves. Through her renowned storytelling, teaching, and embodied inquiry, she will show us how to build beloved community, from the inside out.

Tiered Pricing: $130-$464 (click "Learn More" below for details)

Registration closes September 17th

Click here for a flyer with cost information. 

Click here to view the tentative schedule.


The School of

Earth &
may 17-19, 2024

Teacher and award-winning author John Philip Newell leads this retreat,
a part of The School of Earth & Soul’s Celtic initiative of study and
spiritual practice with the aim of further enabling compassionate action
in our lives and world. The third of a three-part series, this retreat may
be experienced as a stand-alone retreat or in conjunction with Celtic
Wisdom 1 and Celtic Wisdom 2 in any order.

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"The crises that we are in the midst of today, whether ecological, political, or societal,

stem from the fact that we treat the earth and one another as less than sacred."

-John Phillip Newell

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Wholeness & Wellness Weekend

September 13-15, 2024

Refresh your spirit with time to connect to nature, your body, and your deep self. Storytelling, movement, mindfulness, creative expression, and even massage and spiritual direction will all be options in this retreat designed for your refreshment and re-centering. 


Open to everyone; this is an intentionally diverse, spirit-centered event, and we aim to engage people of every background and path. W&W Weekend will feature a potluck approach, where many hosts lead one session, with options to choose from. Our popular Wellness & Arts Market will also be back! Childcare is available during sessions by request ahead of time.

Registration for Saturday only, days only, or on-site stays are available to make this event accessible to as many people as possible.

Contemplative Retreat

July 2024. Dates TBD.

Since 1983, we have been enjoying the basics of a monastic life, combining silence with ways of deep learning. This retreat is a time to practice the stillness that comes from stilling the mind. Spend a couple of days or a full week in the beautiful ponderosa sanctuary of La Foret, where most urban voices are muffled, and the pace of life is slow enough to meet your self again.

Tiered pricing from $42 for one day to $987 for a full week at the highest rate with a private room.

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