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Contemplative Retreat




July 1-6, 2024

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About the Event

Since 1983, we have been enjoying the basics of monastic life, combining silence with ways of deep learning. This retreat is a time to practice the stillness that comes from stilling the mind. Spend a couple of days or a full week in the beautiful ponderosa sanctuary of La Foret, where urban voices are muffled, and the pace of life is slow enough to meet yourself again.

There are many flexible options including the ability to register for all or just a few days of the event. We can adapt the options to fit your needs and schedule.

Tiered pricing and scholarships are available. Do not let cost deter you from joining us for this transformational event!

Registration closes Monday, June 17th, 2024



For over four decades the Contemplative Camp at La Foret has been an opportunity to practice letting go and living a simpler life.  We all need to allow ourselves just to be in the greater Being of the Divine.

Participants of this contemplative retreat have taken the time to “wake up” to the God who is at our fingertips. Our days look like this: We begin our mornings in the chapel and continue on the chapel grounds for lectio divina. Then we head to the dining room for breakfast. When we gather again we will discuss a Western classic—Henri Nouwen’s Here and Now. This year’s book explores “the movements of the spiritual life.” Then we celebrate communion and walk the labyrinth in the cool of the morning. The day intentionally reflects tangible joy, with swimming, rest and seeing the sacred sites of  La Foret, which are abundant.  As Barbara Brown Taylor said:  

       Earth is so thick with divine possibility that it is a wonder we can walk anywhere without cracking our shins on the altars in the world

This year, there are a few changes—we now allow registration for a few days or the full week. The week is shortened by one day just so we can have Indian Paintbrush (which returners have become accustomed to for its cozy living room and family feel). The essence is the same: a monastic pattern to the day, the gift of fellowship, and the silence we share so our ordinary selves can be touched by the eternal in extraordinary ways.     

We close for now with inspiring words from PRAYER THERAPY :   

Prayer begins in a restless heart.  Listen to its stirring.

If, for any reason, you cannot pray, relax.

   The desire to pray is already a prayer.

When you feel sad or sorry, weep.

    Tears are a prayer of the heart.

Don’t worry about words or formulas. Prayer is also listening.

Remember: your work and struggles are not unholy.

   Pray and God will come to you just as you are.

 When you are overawed before Mystery, just be.

    God’s spirit is praying within you.     

We welcome you to join us this July!

Sincerely, Sally, Ron, and Sheila, (Planning team)

PS. Scholarships are abundantly available. Do not let cost be a determining factor. 

We would be glad to offer help…for the sake of stillness and contemplation.

(Please call Sheila for registration and other questions at 303-589-1851)

Tentative Schedule:

7:30 Morning Contemplation in the Chapel

8:15 Passing of the peace, welcoming newcomers, and intro to daily theme

8:30 Breakfast 

9:30 -10:30    Morning reflection and discussion on the daily theme

10:30 Communion 

11:00-11:45    Labyrinth 

12:00 Lunch

1:15 Unscheduled time – swim or hike or nap (pool available until 2:15)

3:00 Spiritual practice related to the daily theme

4:00 Centering Prayer

4:30 Koinonia—conversation and conviviality.

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Evening activities—singing, playing, drawing, listening, dancing.

8:30 Evening Prayers –  30 minutes after Evening Prayers, Silence begins 

and lasts until passing of the peace the following morning.

Event Leadership

Rev. Sal Palmer and Ron Frost

Rev. Sal Palmer and Ron Frost
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