The Summer Camp Experience

September 13, 2019

Summer camp is such a life changing experience for our youth. Did you know that we had a total of 468 youth and counselors attend camp in June, and 310 in July? These camps are not only UCC run, but many other denominations. Here are some comments that we received from campers and counselors.

"I felt invited to celebrate in the potential and life of both the campers and my fellow counselors. The collective beauty of this diverse population was overwhelming. Thanks!" 

"Everyone has been incredibly accepting, and welcomed me into the family from the very first moment that I met them. I'm impressed with the amount of love that experienced while I was here." 

"I just love when my faith in humanity is restored by the campers every year. its selfish I know but so powerful to me and my soul."

"I felt like I felt God way more when I was here, and the community makes that so much easier"

"During cabin time I got to see the good in people, and to me that's what the Holy is."

"La Foret is a very special place in my heart and I never want to miss an opportunity to come."  

"La Foret is the greatest place on earth."

Summer Improvements

September 16, 2019

Thanks to some amazing and hard working volunteers from First Plymouth Congregational Church in Englewood, Carriage House received a new roof. 

Kinnikinnick received a new coat of paint. There plans the repair the porch and deck in the near future. Columbine received so much needed exterior repairs that were finished off with a new coat of paint. 

New Service Animal Policy

September 13, 2019

We have updated our policy on allowing pets onsite. Please review this if you plan on bringing your animal next time you visit. You can download them here, or visit our website.

Speaking of Mitigation

Feb 2

Have you ever wondered what all those tee pee shaped piles were scattered throughout our property? Those were slash piles that were created during our mitigation process. In order to safely burn them, we had to have favorable weather and snow on the ground. We haven't seen that in awhile. This January we finally received some of that Colorado snow. 90% of our slash piles have been burned and are gone. There were over 100 fires safely lit in our forest over a four day period.

Helping to Restore the Forest

Feb 27, 2019

This past year we donated a total of 683 trees with a total height of 5,592 feet. These trees were transplanted from the east side of our property to areas throughout the Black Forest Burn scar. Not only will this help Black Forest recover, but it adds to the mitigation of La Foret.

Transformational Stories - Danielle Raffa

Feb 27, 2019

On a snowy day in February of 2012, I arrived at La Foret on a bus with my fellow classmates. I instantly felt at home amongst the trees and the cabins, but I had yet to realize the impact this place would really have on me. I went to Regis Jesuit High School, which requires students in their junior year to take a retreat at La Foret called Kairos. The word Kairos translates to “God’s time”. At my high school, it was a tradition that Kairos was kept secret by the upperclassmen who had attended the retreat. And even long after we’ve graduated, it is a secret that many Kairos alumni still keep to this day in order to uphold the tradition for those who have yet to experience it.
During the four days of my Kairos retreat, I experienced the most spiritual and emotional growth that I had ever felt in my entire life. Listening to my leaders and teachers share their life experiences at Inglis Hall, walking the paths amongst the trees while thinking about where I stand with my values, and staying up late in the cabins consoling classmates about their struggles when I hadn’t even known them just days before. Kairos taught me how to love and be loved, how to learn and to listen, and how to live my values in my day to day life.
Kairos at La Foret made an incredible impact on my life and I was determined to share that with others. In my senior year, I became a Kairos leader and got to experience the retreat all over again in a different light. It was amazing to put in so much physical and emotional work to the retreat, and see the behind-the-scenes ways that God works in the retreat, and in life. Because of Kairos, I fell in love with creating unforgettable experiences for others and decided to make it a career. Today I am an Event Coordinator at Main Event Entertainment where I get the opportunity to plan incredible events for others. I also work as a Venue Manager at a wedding venue called Cielo at Castle Pines, and I love getting to continue to embark on my journey of creating memories for others that will last a lifetime. In my career and in my personal life, I am constantly aiming to create moments, big and small, that not only impact your experience, but impact who you are as a person. For me, La Foret will always represent at time in my life that I decided to let go of my mistakes, shortcomings, and regrets and to start living the life I wanted to live.

Meadow Restoration Fund

Feb 27, 2019

he meadow, just across the sidewalk from Ponderosa, will over time be restored to its natural beauty. A meadow restoration fund has been established in honor of Janet McCulloch. The goal of this gift is to use seeds that are native to Black Forest to create a natural meadow in the area between Ponderosa and the sports courts. If you would like to contribute to this fund you may do so by visiting our website and making and online donation or you can send a check to our office.

A New Addition to the La Foret Team

Jan 11,  2019

Please Join us in welcoming Logan Bennett to the La Foret team.
Logan is our new Director of Transformational Programs. This is a new position here at La Foret, one that we are very excited about. The goal of this position is to strengthen an already vibrant outdoor ministry program, and to extend the capacity of La Foret to foster progressive thought, learning, and action throughout the region.

Grant Awarded for Ponderosa Renovation

Jan 11, 2019

Work will begin again this winter and spring on Ponderosa Lodge, thanks to a $200,000 grant that has been awarded to La Foret to continue the restoration project that began in early 2017. We will need to provide a match of $66,700 for this project to take place.
Improvements will include the remainder of the rotten log replacement that is mostly around the foundation. The concrete on the porches will be removed and the large vertical columns on both sides of the building will be repaired. The windows and screens will also be renovated. All the work will be on the exterior of the building.
While very hard to do, we will try to complete this in steps in order to only slightly inconvenience our guests. We would like to allow the building to be in continuous use during the duration of the project. It is estimated that it will take two years to fully complete.

Fall Giving Campaign

Jan 11, 2019

Thank you to all that have donated to our Fall Cabin Campaign!
We have raised enough money to have all the cushions in the cabins recovered, purchase fabric for the curtains as well as to purchase nightstands for the bedrooms.
We still need your help! We would love to be able to improve the lighting as well. We have an anonymous donor who will match $3,000! Please consider making a tax deductible donation.