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Voyager Faith & Science Camp




July 14-20, 2024

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About the Camp

Welcome to the inaugural year of Voyager Faith & Science Camp! At Voyager Camp, youth are given the opportunity to be their truest selves and build a community of authenticity and support, which is often elusive around the preteen years in school.

This year we are organizing the theme around how we address climate change through the lense of our faith. Spirituality and science have for too long been seen as opposite ends of a spectrum, when really they are more like two lenses through which we can view the mystery and majesty of the universe. Albert Einstein said that the more he studied the universe the more he believed in a higher power. When you really get into the coolest and most cutting edge science, you can’t help but stand back in awe at the magic of it all!

Trained counselors and staff will set the stage and hold space for a memorable week filled with laughter, music, reflection, self-exploration, and don't forget the ropes course! Youth will form memories and friendships they'll hold dear for the rest of their lives.

Tiered Pricing: $600-$750. Camperships available!

Registration closes Monday, June 24th


About Leadership

Cameron Crow and Robb Carlson

Cameron Crow and Robb Carlson


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