2020 Summer Family Camping
Special “pandemic rental rates” at La Foret. 

We are looking forward to welcoming families & small groups to stay at La Foret this summer! Individual families & groups can book a cabin at a low fixed rate, which includes 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Maybe your vacation plans have been cancelled or maybe you just need a change of scenery. All La Foret amenities will be open: pool, labyrinth, sports courts, trails, etc. 

We are excited to offer you One TIme Special 2020 Pandemic Rates!

Please fill out the form below to request a reservation. This form is only a request. A Guest Service Associate will either email or call you to confirm availability of your desired dates.

A “family/group” is a group that has been exposed to one another during the pandemic by living together. Families can choose to join their retreat with another family group if they would like (such as a neighbor family), and can split a cabin in that case. Meals may be purchased and La Foret will serve meals with proper cleaning and social distancing, according to all current El Paso County Health Department regulations.

While on a family retreat, guests can choose to purchase a Cabin Box for $20. The Cabin Box will include thoughtful or contemplative activities for family bonding in the mornings and evenings (think morning watch and evening cabin times like at camp). 


As always, we are here for your questions: 719-495-2743 or email your questions: mail@laforet.org.

Stay tuned to our La Foret Conference & Retreat Center Facebook page for ongoing details and announcements.

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