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Campership for RMC Camps and Retreats

Our Philosophy

La Foret and the RMC are committed to providing transformational experiences to any and all campers who would like to attend our camps and retreats. Our philosophy is that money should never be the reason someone cannot come to camp. In that spirit, we are re-creating our campership program!

Please be aware that many churches in the Rocky Mountain Conference generously support campers. If you attend an RMC church, please inquire directly with your church leadership to access these funds. In past years, we used coupon codes. Moving forward, churches will provide campership funds directly to families, and then families will submit their payment. If additional funds are needed to make it possible for your child/youth to attend camp, please click "save" on your registration so you can return later to finish your payment. Then, please email and let us know the amount you are able to pay. We will give you a coupon code to adjust your total.

For any questions, call, text, or email Logan Bennett at or 719-822-7243.

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