Campership for RMC Camps and Retreats

Our Philosophy

La Foret and the RMC are committed to providing transformational experiences to any and all campers who would like to attend our camps and retreats. Our philosophy is that money should never be the reason someone cannot come to camp. In that spirit, we are re-creating our campership program!

We have created this new campership program to better serve individuals and families in need of assistance, to better steward our resources, and to put the power of campership allocation more closely located to the participants by giving local churches the power to request funds for their congregants. To do this, La Foret will supply coupon codes to churches that will take $50 off of registration for weekend retreats (including spring and fall Youth Retreats), and $150 off of registration for week-long summer camps. The church will request these coupon codes, and the registrants will use their unique code in online registration to decrease the cost. These will be given based on the following criteria:

  • For each camper who has never been to La Foret for any youth camp and is entering 7th grade or above, LF will provide a First Timer Campership to that camper of $50 for a weekend retreat or $150 for a week-long summer camp.

  • For each director and counselor, LF will supply a coupon code to the director/counselor’s church that the church can assign to any family. This code is good for $50 off a weekend retreat or $150 off a week-long summer camp. This is in addition to the free registration for all summer directors and counselors themselves.

  • For each adult providing transportation both ways for three or more youth from the western slope (including western Wyoming and Utah) LF will provide a $50/$150 coupon code for a camper from the adult’s church. If two different adults from the same church share the driving, the same scholarship amount applies. The amount can be split among campers if desired.

  • Upon request by any church to La Foret, LF will provide a campership based solely on the church’s identification of need (in the amount of $50 for a weekend or $150 for week-long camp). “Need” means that the attendee would not be able to attend without this additional help.

  • If a church is providing a campership with church funds to any participant separately from LF, they should request a coupon code in any dollar amount from LF to give to the participant to use during registration. (This is to replace direct funding to the family in the interest of more accurate record keeping)

  • LF is willing to work out any special cost sharing arrangements with churches for the benefit of campers. We ask that the first line of funding come from the local church and/or association, but we are able to provide additional needed funds to make camp accessible to everyone.

For any questions, call, text, or email Logan Bennett at or 719-822-7243.