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Youth Retreats

Safe Space • Brave Space • Sanctuary

A La Foret, youth and children are empowered to be their truest selves. Trained counselors create a safe, brave space where kids know that they will be unconditionally accepted and loved for who they truly are. And because we say out loud and up front that we embrace everyone regardless of their class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, affiliations, religion… many kids who experience exclusion elsewhere feel fully included and supported here. We believe that an unconditionally loving community leads to empowered kids and transformed lives. That’s what we do here at La Foret.

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" When I first came to La Foret in the summer of 1994, I was lost. In many ways, I still am, but age 12 was especially rough. I'd just moved to Colorado Springs from Ventura, CA, and was sad and lonely and probably filled with angst. I had zero friends and zero idea of how to feel at home. So, my parents signed me and my sister up for camp. 


Six years later, I was a MADD Camp Senior, and I couldn't imagine having never discovered La Foret. It's no exaggeration to say it was the single-most important experience in my youth. I'd forged extremely close friendships that I maintain to this day. I'd been inspired to follow a path that would lead to Doane University (née College), counseling & directing MADD Camp for 10 years, and eventually returning to work at the RMCUCC as Director of Communications. 


Most importantly, I'd been affirmed, which is no easy task for a teenager. Before La Foret, I was deeply insecure and terrified of not being accepted. Going to camp there taught me that I didn't need to pretend to be someone else to be cared for; I could be loved for who I was, and could even grow even become a leader. (That's the secret of the place; adults may program and watch over, but the youth set the example that matters.) 


The truths I learned there guide me to this day, and I am glad to give back to this transcendentally spiritual and developmentally meaningful place. "

Spring Retreat (6th-12th Grade)

March 15-17, 2024


An exciting weekend for Middle and High School youth to explore their beliefs and strengthen friendships within their church and the Rocky Mountain Conference (UCC) community! This experience normally includes games, outdoor exploration, music, art, a dance, and all kinds of fun that relate back to a faith theme for the weekend. All middle and high schoolers are welcome!

Tiered Pricing: $150-$250, camperships available.

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Create! Family Retreat

April 12-14, 2024


Join us for a collaborative weekend of exploration and creation for families of all dynamics who are open to thriving instead of surviving in our modern world. This three-day retreat in the sacred hills of the Black Forest outside of Colorado Springs is a time to envision and refine your family's guiding principles.

Tiered Pricing: Adult, $125-$225. Child, $75-$175, camperships available.

Grand Camp

June 28-30, 2024


Open to grandpersons and grandchildren ages 5 to 11 years old, Grand Camp is designed to strengthen the special relationship between grandparents/grandparent surrogates and their grandchildren. Fun and discovery is around each corner as we explore nature, encounter God, and work on craft projects together. Worship, playtime, swimming, and campfires round out this fun-filled camp.

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Pio Blank.png

July 7-13, 2024

(Campers entering grades 2-4)


At Pioneer Camp, first-time campers will play, swim, hike, sing, make crafts, hear stories, explore God and nature, and make new friends in the Black Forest at La Foret! Trained counselors and staff will keep campers safe and help them grow independence and belief in themselves. Camp is an amazing place for young campers to get a strong start and a firm foundation that will stay with them for years to come!

Tiered Pricing: $600-$750, camperships available

July 7-13, 2024

(Campers entering grades 4-6)


Explorer Camp provides youth entering grades 4-6 with an opportunity to be part of an incredible community! Under guidance from trained counselors and staff, campers will explore the Bible, faith, nature, friendships, and their own beliefs... all while focusing on having as much fun as possible! The week's activities will include campfires, swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor games, free time, ropes course, and worship.

Tiered Pricing: $600-$750, camperships available

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Voyager Blank.png

July 14-20, 2024

(Campers entering grades 6-8)


At Voyager Camp, youth are given the opportunity to be their truset selves and build a community of authenticity and support, which is often elusive around the preteen years in school. Trained counselors and staff will set the stage and hold space for a memorable week filled with laughter, music, reflection, self-exploration, and don't forget the ropes course! Youth will form memories and friendships they'll hold dear for the rest of their lives!

Tiered Pricing: $600-$750, camperships available


July 14-20, 2024

(Campers entering grades 9-12)


Our theory at Music, Art, Drama, and Dance (MADD) Camp is that we can get in touch with God through the arts and creative expression. ALL artistic skill-levels (really!) are present and welcome at MADD Camp. Along with engaging youth in intellectual faith conversations, we attempt to get them “out of their heads” and into experiencing the transcendent through creativity, nature, friendships, self-discovery, games, activities, and LOTS of fun. We find these moments to be the most powerful in helping young people to develop a lifelong faith, and a foundation of belief in themselves.

Tiered Pricing: $600-$750, camperships available

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certified campwell Camp

La Foret is a Certified CampWell Camp. CampWell is an initiative of the Aliance for Camp Health (ACH). It is a program based on extensive research on the wellbeing of youth and young adults in summer learning environments. Our counselors receive high quality, research-backed training on emotional intelligence, growth mindset, trauma-informed supervision, and much more.

Policies & Practices

From UCC beliefs to how we operate as leaders, here's what you need to know. These documents are updated periodically to improve how we serve our campers and guests, and reflect our commitment to growth.


We love to hear from you!

Camp-specific questions can be directed to:

Rev. Logan Bennett

Director of Transformational Programs

Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM



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