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Moving Forward

We individually and collectively thrive through the grace of God. We need spiritual strength, internal peace, tolerance for differences, and inclusion as a natural paradigm with a whole-world view. Only a path of deeper spiritual awareness and the ability to act leads to solutions in our troubled environment. This requires intentional hard work that never ends. La Foret strives to enable this path. To succeed, we as a people of God, must have time and space for thought, learning and planning that is natural and peaceful. We must find sanctuary to seek and allow transformation. For each individual this sanctuary will be different – a special place, a church sanctuary, a place in nature or a special group of people. This is precisely what La Foret offers – sanctuary in a variety of forms for all to consider the transcendent, space removed from daily clutter for learning and reflection, and quiet to allow for listening and for natural relationships to grow and flourish. In the case of La Foret, this takes the form of a remote natural peaceful setting with shelter, healthy and natural food, and quiet that creates the possibility of a transforming experience for individuals and groups. We seek to grow this capability for the benefit of all.

La Foret operates as a 501(c)(3) under the umbrella of the Rocky Mountain Conference UCC. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Call the office for more information on how to support La Foret.

(719) 495-2743

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